About Us

Mission Statement

New York Christian Performing School of Arts

• NY Christian Performing School of Arts is a Jesus Christ-centered community where each student is loved as part of the school family
• all instruction is based on a Biblically integrated and offers opportunities for each student to find and develop their unique God-given talents.
• All students are given opportunities to reach out to others in their community, their city and the world.

Mission Statement

Shema Youth Orchestra

Shema Youth Orchestra is a group of young Christian musicians whose desire is to worship and praise God.

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and share God’s love to communities, children’s homes, hospitals, shelters, churches, schools, parks, malls, festivals and special events all over the world through our music.

We communicate with the neighbors and communities where we live and help, support, heal, and educate people with Jesus’s love.

With an emphasis on raising world-changers, our unique program gives young performers a place to grow in their faith, have Christian fellowship, develop their gifts in orchestral performance, and minister in their community.

We believe that Jesus-centered life is the most important element for growing students and young adults. We desire that the gospel of Jesus Christ inspires and changes our young musicians lives into Jesus-centered ones as well as everyone who listens to our music.

As we face the pandemic, there are so much suffering and anxiety everywhere. We believe that our young musicians can encourage and heal the people who lost hope, are in despair, and suffer from the disease, with the music they play. We want our communities to recover the love of God and go back to the gospel to make America a pious and faithful nation again.